15.03.2017 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Eberhard E. Fetz (University of Washington)


01.07.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Institute Lecture by Michael E. Goldberg (Columbia University) Attention and arousal in the parietal cortex. Details

22.06.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Rufin VanRullen (CNRS, Toulouse) Perceptual cycles and waves. Details

07.06.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Moritz Grosse-Wentrup (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) Causal Inference in Cognitive Neuroimaging. Details

30.05.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Jennifer Groh (Duke University) How does the brain do more than one thing at a time with the same neurons? Details

09.05.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lectures by Eric Lowet and Marc Roberts (both Maastricht University, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour Nijmegen): Eric Lowet: Regulation of gamma synchronization in visual cortex by frequency tuning and Marc Roberts: An overview of work in Nijmegen: How are within- and between-area processes influenced by contrast, attention, learning and slower rhythms. Details

18.04.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Claus-Christian Hilgetag (Boston University): The connectome in context: Linking long-range connections to the intrinsic architecture of the cerebral cortex. Details

11.04.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Christine Ecker (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt)

22.02.2016 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Caspar M. Schwiedrzik (The Rockefeller University, New York): Mechanisms for perceptual inference: from brain networks to single neurons. Details

19.02.2016 Ernst Strüngman Lecture by Suzana Herculano-Houzel (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro): Like crumpled paper balls: the evolution of the mammalian cerebral cortex and its folding. Details

15.02.2016 Ernst-Strüngmann lecture by Klaus Scheffler and Gabriele Lohmann (both MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen): Functional brain imaging at 9.4T. Details


05.10.2015 Ernst-Strüngmann lecture by Sophie Deneve (LNC Paris ): Oscillations and efficient coding in spiking networks. Details

14.09.2015 Ernst-Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Bruss Lima (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil):Two sides of the hemodynamic signal. Details

11.09.2015 Ernst Strüngmann lecture by Prof. Eugenio Rodriguez (Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile): Inattentively viewing a bistable stimulus induces simultaneous processing of both alternative percepts. Details

26.06.2015 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Nick Myers (University of Oxford): Dynamic representation of working memory contents. Details

22.06.2015-23.06.2015 ESI Systems Neuroscience Conference (ESI-SyNC)

26.05.2015 Ernst-Strüngmann Lecture by Axel Hutt (INRIA, Villers-les-Nancy): How external noisy input tunes the frequency of neural rhythms. Details

06.05.2015 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by H.-G. Geissler (Universität Leipzig): Are there Natural Constants of Mind? On why Psychophysical Constants can help to bridge the Theoretical Gap between Mental Phenomena and their Basis in the Brain. Details

04.05.2015 Ernst Strüngmann lecture by Til Ole Bergmann (Universität Kiel): To Measure and Manipulate: Neuronal Oscillations in the Sleeping and the Waking Brain. Details

16.03.2015 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Michael P. Stryker (University of California): A neural circuit that regulates cortical state and plasticity. Details

12.01.2015 Ernst Strüngmann lecture by Paul R. Martin (University of Sidney): Interaction of eye and brain signals in parallel visual pathways. Details


11.11.2014 Ernst-Strüngmann lecture by Michael Müller (Universität Leipzig): Neural dynamics of sustained feature-based visual attention in early visual areas of the human brain. Details

14.10.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Eric Lowet (Maastrich University):Input-dependent frequency modulation of cortical gamma oscillations shapes spatial synchronization and phase coding. Details

13.10.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Henry Kennedy (Inserm, Lyon): The Brain in Space. Details

01.09.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Giulio Tononi (University of Wisconsin): Integrated Information Theory (IIT): From phenomenology to mechanisms, and back. Details

01.09.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Aman Saleem (Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL): Neural coding during locomotion in the mouse visual cortex. Details

16.07.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Prof. Dr. Alexander Grossmann (HTWK Leipzig): New Perspectives in Scientific Publishing. Details

03.07.2014 - 04.07.2014 ESI Systems Neuroscience Conference (ESI-SyNC)

28.05.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Molly Henry (MPI for Human Cognition and Brain Sciences, Leipzig): Human perceptual experience depends on brain-environment synchronization. Details

21.05.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Cindy Chestek (Cortical Neural Prosthetics Lab, University of Michigan): Towards restoration of dexterous finger movement using a cortical brain machine interface. Details

31.03.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Dr. Frank Bremmer (Dept. Neurophysics, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany): Visual perception during eye movements. Details

12.02.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Dr. Pawelzik (University of Bremen): Predictive balance of cortical membrane potentials by spike-timing-dependent plasticity . Details

23.01.2014 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Fischer (Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain): Building a Reservoir Computer: ?Towards understanding the mechanisms of neuro-inspired information processing Details


18.11.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Andrew H. Bell (University of Oxford): Understanding the social brain: Cortical and subcortical contributions to face processing. Details

07.-08.10.2013 Second ESI-workshop: Inter-areal interactions. Details

10.09.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Peter Ledochowitsch (Berkeley University): Pushing uECoG to the limit: how dense is dense enough?! Details

28.08.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Martin O'Neill (University of Cambridge): Risk coding properties of neurons in the frontal cortex. Details

19.08.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Josef Parvizi (Stanford University): Specialization of functions in the human cerebral cortex: Eavesdropping on the brain activity during experimental an natural coditions. Details

18.07.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Ingo Willuhn (University of Washington): Phasic Dopamine Signaling in a Rodent Model of Drug Addiction:
Neuroanatomy and Individual Differences. Details

27.06.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Cyril Herry (Université de Bordeaux): Prefrontal parvalbumin interneurons control fear expression. Details

21.06.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Charles Gray (Montana State University): Dynamics of Cortico-cortical Interactions Underlying Visual Working Memory. Details

06.05.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Jörg Hipp (Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), Tübingen): Large-scale neuronal interactions in the human brain. Details

27.04.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Stefan Everling (Western University, London, Ontario, Canada): "Control of the superior colliculus by the lateral prefrontal cortex" Details

17.04.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Matthias Valverde (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen): Color blobs in visual areas V1 and V2 of the Common Marmoset. Details

25.-26.02.2013 ESI Workshop: Alpha: from mechanism to cognition. Details

24.01.2013 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Johannes Letzkus (Friedrich Miescher Institut Basel): 'Circuit mechanisms of associative fear learning in auditory cortex'. Details


11.12.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Ulf Knoblich (Yale University): State-dependent impact of distinct interneuron types on visual processing. Details

04.12.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Nikola Markov (Yale University): The anatomy of hierarchy: feedforward and feedback pathways in the macaque visual cortex. Details

12.11.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rainer Dahlhaus (University of Heidelberg): Phase Synchronization and Cointegration: Bridging Two Theories. Details

10.09.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Steven L. Bressler (Florida Atlantic University): Anticipatory Top-Down Modulation of Visual Cortex in Visual Spatial Attention. Details

31.08.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Ed Boyden (McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT): Optogenetics, Robotic Neurophysiology, and Other Neural Circuit Tools. Details

28.08.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Christopher Moore (Brown University): Cortical Dynamics & Perception. Details

10.07.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Karim Oweiss (Michigan State University): Conversing with the Brain. Details

09.07.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture in Cooperation with NeFF by Prof. Bernat Kocsis (Harvard Medical School): Cortical and hippocampal oscillations in rodent models of schizophrenia. Details 

14.06.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Byron Yu (Carnegie Mellon University): Internal model estimation for closed-loop brain-computer interfaces. Details

26.-27.04.2012 NeFF-Workshop on Non-linear and model-free Interdependence Measures in Neuroscience and TRENTOOL course. Details

19.03.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur (SPEC/IRAMIS/DSM, France): Ultra-sensitive magnetometers based on spin electronics: biomagnetism and other biological applications. Details

20.02.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Dr. med. Walter Paulus (Head of the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Medical Faculty of the University of Göttingen): Modulating human cortical excitability by transcranial stimulation. Details

06.02.2012 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Stefan Treue (German Primate Center and University of Göttingen): To see or not to see - Attentional modulation of motion processing in primate visual cortex. Details

18.01.2012 Optogenetics Talk at ESI by Thomas Knöpfel (Knöpfel laboratory for Neuronal Circuit Dynamics, RIKEN BSI, Japan): Optogenetic monitoring of neuronal circuit dynamics. Details



14.12.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Saskia Haegens (Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Nijmegen, NL): Alpha and beta oscillations in the monkey sensorimotor network contribute to somatosensory decision-making. Details

05.12.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Fritjof Helmchen (University of Zürich, CH): In vivo two-photon imaging of neuronal ensemble activity. Details

28.11.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Peter Lakatos (The Nathan S. Kline Institute, New York, USA): The role of neuronal oscillations in attentional selection in primary auditory cortex. Details

17.10.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Anil Seth (University of Sussex, UK). Details

07.10.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Krishna Shenoy (Stanford University, Stanford, USA). Details

19.09.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Winrich Freiwald (The Rockefeller University, New York, USA): Taking apart the Neural Machinery of Face Processing. Details

19.07.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Robert H. Wurtz (NIH Bethesda, USA): Two corollary discharge pathways for visual stability
 in the monkey brain. Details

04.07.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Dr. Guillén Fernández (Donders Institute, NL): Survival through surveillance: How stress affects amygdala-mediated vigilance. Details

06.06.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Hannah Monyer (University of Heidelberg, DE): Genetic approaches to investigate the role of GABAergic interneurones at the network and behavioural level. Details

11.04.2011 Ernst Strüngmann Lecture by Prof. Rodrigo Quain Quiroga (University of Leicester, UK): The Jennifer Aniston neuron. Details

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