For PhD candidates:
At the ESI, we aim at recruiting PhD students primarily through the International Max Planck Research School for Neural Circuits. Applications outside this program are also welcome at any time and should be sent directly to the head of the lab in which the PhD candidate wishes to work.

For Postdoc candidates:
Applications for postdoc positions are welcome at any time and should be sent directly to the head of the lab in which the postdoc candidate wishes to work.

up-and-coming scientists applying for starting grants

Up-and-coming scientists aiming to start their own independent research group can currently apply for funding by several grant programs, like e.g. the ERC Starting Grants. A prerequisite is the support of a host institute. The Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck Society seeks

up-and-coming scientists applying for starting grants,

who are enthusiastic about pursuing an independent research program at ESI.

ESI is an independent research institute under the scientific governance of the Max Planck Society and with the mission to perform excellent fundamental brain research. Current ESI groups focus on cognitive and systems neuroscience and use an exceptional infrastructure that allows among others MRI, MEG, and in-vivo neurophysiology and optogenetics in all common mammalian model systems. Successful candidates should capitalize on this infrastructure and further extend ESI’s research portfolio. They hold a PhD and have a record of excellence in research. If the starting grant is limited to 5 years or less, ESI will cover the group leader’s salary for two additional years, given positive scientific evaluation. Interested candidates should submit their curriculum vitae, a short statement of proposed research, and plans to apply for starting grants to starting(at), addressed to Prof. Dr. Pascal Fries.