ESI participates in NeFF
ESI will play an important role in the projects on basic neuroscience. Other projects involve clinical neuroscience and mathematical models/algorithms. December 01, 2010 

The Neuronal Coordination Research Focus Frankfurt (NeFF) was recently funded and pools the interdisciplinary expertises of five faculties of the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and the Ernst Strüngmann Institute.

NeFF is one of the key projects within the framework of “LOEWE” (Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-oekonomischer Exzellenz), a government funded initiative to promote excellence in research. It aims to coordinate research around neural coordination. This spatio-temporal interaction of the activity of neuronal ensembles is thought to constitute a pivotal mechanism of all higher brain functions. Disordered neural coordination, on the other hand, is associated with frequent neurological (e.g. Alzheimer disease and multiple sclerosis ) and psychiatric (schizophrenia, autism) disorders.