Diester lab

Dr. Ilka Diester
Group Leader

Ernst Strüngmann Institute gGmbH
Deutschordenstraße 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: +49 69 96769 571

Ilka Diester has been appointed professor at the University of Freiburg. Her new contact details are:

Prof. Dr. Ilka Diester
Optophysiology - Optogenetics and Neurophysiology
Albert Ludwigs University
Albertstr. 23
79104 Freiburg
phone: +49-761-203-8440
email: ilka.diester(at)biologie.uni-freiburg.de


Curriculum Vitae

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Research statement
We investigate the interaction between brain areas involved in tactile perception (somatosensory input), cognitive processing, and movement generation (motor output) in order to understand basic principles of the brain and ultimately to advance the design of neural prostheses. We address these research goals with behavioral tests and electrophysiological and optogenetic tools in the mammalian brain.

Key publications
Diester, I., Kaufman, M.T., Mogri, M., Pashaie, R., Goo, W., Yizhar, O.,
Ramakrishnan. C., Deisseroth. K., and Shenoy K.V. (2011) An optogenetic toolbox designed for primates. Nature Neuroscience. 14(3):387-9.

Gilja, V., Chestek, C.A., Diester, I., Henderson, J.M., Deisseroth, K., Shenoy,
K.V. (2011) Challenges and opportunities for next-generation intra-cortically based neural prostheses. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 58, 1891-1899.

Witten, I.B., Lin, S.C., Brodsky, M., Prakash, R., Diester, I., Anikeeva, P.,
Gradinaru, V., Ramakrishnan, C., and Deisseroth, K. (2010) Cholinergic interneurons control local circuit activity and cocaine conditioning. Science. 330(6011), 1677-81.

Diester, I., and Nieder, A. (2007) Semantic associations between signs and numerical categories in the prefrontal cortex. PLoS Biol. 5(11),e294.

Nieder, A., Diester, I., Tudusciuc, O. (2006) Temporal and spatial enumeration processes in the primate parietal cortex. Science. 313, 1431-1435.