Fries lab

Prof. Dr. Pascal Fries

  Renata Vajda
  Tel: +49 (0)69 96769 501
Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI)
for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck Society 
Deutschordenstr. 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main

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Research statement

Networks of neurons typically engage in rhythmic, synchronized activity. Neuronal synchronization likely affects neuronal processing. If so, evolution has probably selected functional synchronization and mechanisms for its adaptive modulation. I study neuronal synchronization's mechanisms, its consequences and its cognitive functions.

Key publications


Ni, J., Wunderle, T., Lewis, C. M., Desimone, R., Diester, I., Fries, P. (2016) Gamma-Rhythmic Gain Modulation. Neuron 92(1), 240-251. Link to fulltext

Michalareas, G., Vezoli, J., van Pelt, S., Schoffelen, J.M., Kennedy, H. and Fries, P. (2016) Alpha-beta and Gamma Rhythms Subserve Feedback and Feedforward Influences among Human Visual Cortical Areas. Neuron 89 (2) 384-397. Link to fulltext

Bastos, A. M., Vezoli, J., Bosman, C. A., Schoffelen, J., Oostenveld, R., Dowdall, J. R., De Weerd, P., Kennedy, H., Fries, P. (2015)  Visual Areas Exert Feedforward and Feedback Influences through Distinct Frequency Channels. Neuron 85(2), 390-401. to publisher's page with fulltext

Fries, P. (2015) Rhythms for Cognition: Communication through Coherence. Neuron 88(1), 220-235. Link to fulltext

Landau, A., Schreyer, M., Van Pelt, S., Fries, P. (2015) Distributed Attention Is Implemented through Theta-Rhythmic Gamma Modulation. Current Biology 25(17),2332-2337. Link to fulltext and Link to fulltext on publishers's website

Vinck, M., Womelsdorf, T., Buffalo, E. A., Desimone, R., Fries, P. (2013) Attentional Modulation of Cell-Class-Specific Gamma-Band Synchronization in Awake Monkey Area V4. Neuron 80(4), 1077-1089. Link to fulltext

Bosman, C. A., Schoffelen, J. M., Brunet, N., Oostenveld, R., Bastos, A. M., Womelsdorf, T., Rubehn, B., Stieglitz, T., De Weerd, P., Fries, P. (2012) Attentional Stimulus Selection through Selective Synchronization between Monkey Visual Areas. Neuron 75(5), 875-888. Link to fulltext





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