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Looking back on ESISyNC 2020

ESISyNC is something everyone at the ESI looks forward to the entire year. So, skipping the conference completely because of Covid-19 was not really up for discussion. Instead, everything took place online – what was that like? … read more

Research Groups

Fries Lab | Neuronal synchronization's mechanisms, its consequences and its cognitive functions.

Singer Lab | Neuronal processes underlying higher cognitive functions and their deterioration in disease

Cuntz Lab | What are the fundamental principles of wiring in the brain?

Havenith & Schölvinck Lab | How do brains simultaneously encode multiple cognitive processes during natural behaviour?

Laurens Lab | Electrophysiology and modeling of navigation and vestibular systems.

Vinck Lab | Neural coding: How does the brain use prediction and timing to encode information?


… to the Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck Society. The ESI is an independent research institute financed by the Ernst Strüngmann Foundation which was created by Drs. Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann and named after their father Dr. Ernst Strüngmann. The ESI is under the scientific governance of the Max Planck Society with the mission to perform excellent fundamental brain research. ESI research focuses on understanding how the many parts of the brain work together to bring about our behaviour.


Measuring the brain

Maps of the brain are an important tool to understand how the brain works. Unless the map is wrong. In a recent study ESI group leader Martha Nari Havenith and colleagues show that a lot of the research looking at emotional and cognitive processing in rodents relies on a mapping system that doesn’t make sense. … read more

COVID-19 precautions at ESI

The number of COVID-19 infections in Germany is on the rise. In order to help slowing down the spread of the virus, ESI adopts the general recommendations for social distancing. As a consequence visits to the ESI are restricted. … read more

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