ESI TALKS: Dietmar Plenz

At this bi-weekly event, we invite speakers from Neuroscience and related fields to share their current research in an informal and casual environment. The ESITALKS last around 45 minutes, followed by discussions.

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Parabolic avalanche scaling in the synchronization of cortical cell assemblies

This seminar will guide in the form of an open Q&A session through recent advances in identifying scale-invariant order in the synchronization of cortical neurons during ongoing activity and in response to sensory input. From mesoscale activity in non-human primates using local field potentials to neuronal synchronization observed in 2-photon imaging, results on scale-invariant cortical avalanches will be presented with a focus on experimental pitfalls and current limitations. Parabolic avalanche synchronization will be discussed in relation to alternative theories on cortical synchronization and computation.

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