ESI TALKS: Janine Mendola

At this bi-weekly event, we invite speakers from Neuroscience and related fields to share their current research in an informal and casual environment. The ESITALKS last around 45 minutes, followed by discussions.

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Neuroimaging Studies of Binocular Rivalry: How the brain ‘changes its mind’

Dr. Mendola will discuss human fMRI and MEG studies of binocular rivalry, including some recent work on individual differences. Alternations between bistable percepts provide a power platform to study visual awareness versus suppression. She applies the frequency tagging technique to record whole brain SSVEPs with analyses of power, coherence, and connectivity. In untagged data, Dr. Mendola and her team explore the role of alpha band signals in perceptual stabilization. One theme is comparison of well matched binocular states, such as different types of rivalry. Another theme is the non-invasive measurement of interocular inhibition, which may be a partially heritable trait. There is also the possibility to discuss potential relationships to binocular vision disorders such as amblyopia.

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