Research Assistant or Technical Assistant (m/f/d) - Laurens Lab

The Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience is an independent, privately funded research institute in the field of basic research in the medical and natural sciences, which works closely with the Max Planck Society. The ESI was founded in 2008 and currently houses nine research groups. When completed, it will employ around 150 people. We are offering a full-time position as:

Research Assistant (Diploma, Bachelor, Master) (m/f/d) or Technical Assistant (BTA, MTA, VTA) (m/f/d) for working with Marmoset monkeys

to support the research group of Dr. Jean Laurens, working on the neuroscience of self-motion and navigation in Marmoset monkeys. Experienced colleagues will accompany your onboarding. The salary is based on qualification and experience according to the TVöD (the German civil service pay scale).

Your tasks:

The tasks of the Research Assistant or Technical Assistant (RA/TA; m/f/d) are very versatile but can be roughly divided into the following areas: general laboratory organization, training, and care of Marmoset monkeys, assistance with scientific work.
General laboratory organization: Our RAs/TAs ensure the smooth running of day-to-day laboratory processes. These include placing orders, keeping the laboratory and office in order, and documenting scientific and non-scientific procedures.
Training and caring for animals: At the Ernst Strüngmann Institute, we perform experimental brain research in non-human primates with the highest level of professionalism and animal welfare. The RA/TAs work hand in hand with the scientists, the veterinarians, and expert animal caretakers. They assist with caring (feeding, monitoring), and training the animals.
Assistance with scientific work: Scientists benefit from the assistance of experienced and attentive RA/TAs. This ranges from preparing histological slices to taking a brain scan or assisting during surgeries. Depending on inclination and qualifications, there are opportunities for the successful candidate (m/f/d) to become involved in “hands-on” research beyond the traditional work of a TA: this may include performing experiments, analyzing data, and participating in publications.

What you have to offer:

We are looking for a person qualified as an RA/TA (m/f/d) in the scientific-medical field or who has gained relevant (practical) experience in the course of studies. Someone willing to take on a diverse range of tasks and who can quickly and flexibly familiarize themselves with new challenges. Good English skills are needed, and so is the ability to operate a computer. Equivalent work experience is of advantage but being open toward learning new things is more important. Apart from formal qualifications, we are looking for a team player who can think and perform their tasks responsibly.

What we offer:

Equal opportunities and diversity are important to us! All potential candidates are equally welcome and encouraged to apply. The ESI offers a family-friendly work environment with affordable childcare (children between 3 and 36 months) in the immediate vicinity, is easily accessible by public transport, and provides free parking on the premises.

Please submit your application in electronic form (PDF format only) with the reference “Application RA/TA Laurens Lab” by September 15, 2022, to hr-esi(at) Applications submitted by mail will not be returned. The application deadline is after the position has been successfully filled. Please note our data protection notice.