5 Apr 2022

The ESI mourns loss of Richard Murphy

The member of our Board of Trustees died March 24, 2022

The Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience mourns the loss of Richard Murphy, who died March 24, 2022. When the newly founded Ernst Strüngmann Institute requested Richard to consider joining the Board of Trustees in 2009, the ESI was hoping to gain from his monumental experience as an outstanding scientist and a CEO of one of the world’s leading research institutes, the Salk Institute. For over a decade Richard’s contribution as board member went far beyond that. His genuine interest in the development of the institute and in the well-being of its employees brought soul into every difficult decision. He was relentlessly fair, balanced, always open-minded, and most of all, a true mentor. The board admired him for his integrity and generosity, and our institute will miss his invaluable advice and his warm humour.