25 Apr 2024

One day as a neuroscientist

For this year's Girls'Day campaign, 24 girls between 12 and 16 once again visited the Ernst Strüngmann Institute to spend one day as neuroscientists

“After this day, I can imagine becoming a neuroscientist” - could there be a better outcome to this year’s Girls’Day? 24 school girls registered to spend the day as a neuroscientist at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute in Frankfurt.

Getting girls interested in professional fields in which they are underrepresented to date, and thus promoting equal opportunities for women, are main concerns of the nationwide Girls’Day campaign. Science and research are among the areas in which women are still often underrepresented.

At the ESI, the complex field of neuroscience was broken down into compact topics to give the young guests an insight into the day-to-day work of the researchers at the institute. For this purpose, there was a lecture, lab tours, and various demonstrations to illustrate the diverse research areas in the field of neuroscience. The visitors were thoroughly impressed and used the time spent with the researchers to ask all their questions.

Next year, the Ernst Strüngmann Institute plans to invite the young researchers of tomorrow to the institute again - the date for the next Girls’Day has already been set for April 3, 2025. We would like to thank our fantastic guests for their curiosity and openness, and look forward to next year!