28 May 2024

Growth and Change – research report

The new research report summarizes the most important publications and findings, and gives interesting insights in the work of the ESI research groups

Since its foundation, the Ernst Strüngmann Institute has been conducting fundamental brain research. The focus to date has been on the systems neuroscience level: the research seeks to understand how the neurons of the brain work together to bring about our experiences and behavior, ranging from aspects of perception to components of cognition to the not-so-clear-seeming foundations of conscious experience.

Over the last three years, the institute has gone through a major transition, with both the addition of junior research groups and a cognitive neuroscience department. The empirical scope has significantly broadened, the institute has grown in terms of number of scientists, and the infrastructure continues to be optimized to facilitate the best possible research. From connectomics to the principles of connections in the brain, from the neurophysiological foundations of vision, balance and foraging to new ideas on neural coding, from working memory to language – a wide range of questions and approaches has been embraced by the researchers at the institute.

The research report that has now been published summarizes the most important results, provides a complete overview of all publications from the last three years and gives a clear picture of the people at the institute, their thoughts and the passion with which they work on their diverse tasks, questions and visions.

Would you like to know more about the research at the ESI? Download the report here or below. To get a copy of the printed edition, send us an email at presse (at) esi-frankfurt.de while stocks last.