Equal Opportunities

It is an urgent aim of the Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) to attract the best from the scientific community for its research. This applies equally to women, men and other gender identities, regardless of nationality, religion, disability, age, cultural origin and sexual identity. The foundation for the cutting-edge research carried out at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute lies in the diversity of its employees.

The ESI’s equal opportunity concept follows the principles of the Federal Equal Opportunities Act, the implementation agreement to the GWK Agreement on Equality between Women and Men in Joint Research Funding, and the General Works Agreement of the Max Planck Society. In line with this approach, the ESI sees equal opportunity as a common task for all areas of the Institute. The responsibility for implementing the equal opportunity mandate lies in particular with the Managing Director, the scientific directors and the Head of Administration of the institute.

From these principles, the ESI derives the following overarching objectives:

PDF: Equal Opportunity Plan Ernst Strüngmann Institute