Dr. Ernst Strüngmann

Dr. Ernst Strüngmann was born in 1914 in Duisburg. After the war he settled as an ophthalmologist in Mühlheim/Ruhr and, in parallel, founded the company Durachemie. Initially, the firm developed ophthalmological products, but in 1969, Dr. Ernst Strüngmann expanded his business into the generic market.

In 1979 two of his three sons, Andreas and Thomas, entered the family business, which they further developed and, in 1986, sold to the firm Cyanamid Lederle. Andreas, being a medical doctor by education and having experience for nearly two years as practitioner in South-Africa, and Thomas, who had studied economics and worked in New York at the company Schering-Plough, founded their own company Hexal. After building Hexal to one of the largest generics companies worldwide, they sold it 2005 to Novartis.

Dr. Ernst Strüngmann died in 2005. In memory of his guidance and being their mentor, Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann founded the Ernst Strüngmann Foundation, which is financing the Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in cooperation with the Max Planck Society.