ESI Systems Neuroscience Conference 2019

The recurrent cortex: feedback, dynamics, and dimensionality

The Ernst Strüngmann Institute Systems Neuroscience Conference (ESI SyNC) 2019 will take place this year on September 5th and 6th at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.
This year’s theme is The recurrent cortex: feedback, dynamics, and dimensionality. The conference will feature eleven internationally renowned speakers who will give talks on neural feedback, signal dimensionality, and temporal dynamics. Ample time for both formal and informal discussion has been included in the schedule. There will also be a poster session for which we welcome submissions.

Organized by

Wolf Singer, Pascal Fries, Renata Vajda, William Barnes, Christini Katsenavaki, Katharine Shapcott, Cem Uran, Yiling Yang