Benjamin Stauch

Fries Lab · PhD student
  • benjamin.stauch (at)
  • Deutschordenstr. 46 · 60528 Frankfurt am Main · Germany
  • +49 69 96769 508

Research Statement

While moving through natural environments, organisms see environment-specific stimuli and stimulus categories repeatedly. Such visual input repetition has been shown to decrease bulk neuronal activity while leaving perceptual performance intact. Using MEG recordings, psychophysics and neuronal simulations, I am exploring how the visual cortex optimizes the processing of repeating stimuli through gamma-rhythmic mechanisms.


Stauch BJ, Braun V, Hanslmayr S (2020). Probing the causal involvement of dlPFC in directed forgetting using rTMS — a replication study. PLOS ONE 15(8), e0236287.

Alexander N, Kirschbaum C, Wankerl M, Stauch BJ, Stalder T, Steudte-Schmiedgen S, Muelhan M, Miller R (2018). Glucocorticoid receptor gene methylation moderates the association of childhood trauma and cortisol stress reactivity. Psychoneuroendocrinology 90, 68–75.