Mathias Voigt

Fries Lab · Post-Doc
  • mathias.voigt (at)
  • Deutschordenstr. 46 · 60528 Frankfurt am Main · Germany
  • +49 69 96769 538

Research Statement

I am interested in how the coordinated activity of neuronal populations allows organisms to “make sense” of their surroundings and the methods to measure this activity and interfere with it. My research at the ESI aims at using functional ultrasound imaging (fUSI) and electrophysiological recordings in the marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) to further our understanding of the physiological mechanisms of inter-areal neuronal communication.

Key Publications

Voigt MB, Hackenbroich C, Krüger H-H, Liebau A, Esser K-H (2019). The in-air auditory thresholds of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra, L. 1758) as determined by auditory brainstem responses. Hearing Research 381, 107774.

Burghard A, Voigt MB, Kral A, Hubka P (2019). Categorical processing of fast temporal sequences in the guinea pig auditory brainstem. Communications Biology 2, 265.

Voigt MB, Kral A (2019). Cathodic-leading pulses are more effective than anodic-leading pulses in intracortical microstimulation of the auditory cortex. Journal of Neural Engineering 16, 036002.

Voigt MB, Yusuf PA, Kral A (2018). Intracortical microstimulation modulates cortical induced responses. Journal of Neuroscience 38(36), 7774-7786.

Voigt MB, Hubka P, Kral A (2017). Intracortical microstimulation differentially activates cortical layers based on stimulation depth. Brain Stimulation 10, 684-694.