Mohsen Parto-Dezfouli

Fries Lab · Post-Doc
  • mohsen.parto-dezfouli (at)
  • Deutschordenstr. 46 · 60528 Frankfurt am Main · Germany
  • +49 69 96769 517

Research Statement

Neuronal oscillations are known to be critical to human perception. Synchronization of these rhythmic activities plays a key role in the communication between different brain regions. I seek to understand how different cortical layers benefit brain oscillations to shape an effective inter-areal communication. I am also interested in the question of how our brain employs neural activity through phase code and rate code during feedforward and feedback influences.

Key Publications

Parto Dezfouli M, Schwedhelm P, Wibral M, Treue S, Daliri MR, Esghaei M (2021). A neural correlate of visual feature binding in primate lateral prefrontal cortex. NeuroImage 229, 117757.

Parto Dezfouli M, Davoudi S, Knight RT, Daliri MR, Johnson EL (2021). Prefrontal lesions disrupt oscillatory signatures of spatiotemporal integration in working memory. Cortex 138, 113-126.

Davoudi S, Parto Dezfouli M, Knight RT, Daliri MR, Johnson EL (2021). Prefrontal lesions disrupt posterior alpha–gamma coordination of visual working memory representations. J Cogn Neurosci 33(9), 1798–1810.

Parto Dezfouli M, Zarei M, Constantinidis C, Daliri MR (2021). Task-specific modulation of PFC activity for matching-rule governed decision-making. Brain Struct Funct 226, 443–455.

Parto Dezfouli M, Zarei M, Jahed M, Daliri MR (2019). Stimulus-specific adaptation decreases the coupling of spikes to LFP phase. Frontiers in Neural Circuits 13, 44.