Research at the ESI

If we understand a liver cell, we understand a lot about the liver. If we understand a brain cell, we still miss much about how the brain works. The billions of brain cells influence each other. These mutual influences bring about dynamics that is only defined at the level of the whole system entailing multiple components. These system level dynamics affect neuronal communication in turn. We look at multiple brain areas, circuits or cells simultaneously to understand the principles behind their interactions, and how those ultimately shape our behaviour.

Research Groups

Fries Lab
Neuronal synchronization's mechanisms, its consequences and its cognitive functions.
Singer Lab
Neuronal processes underlying higher cognitive functions and their deterioration in disease
Cuntz Lab
What are the fundamental principles of wiring in the brain?
Havenith & Schölvinck Lab
How do brains simultaneously encode multiple cognitive processes during natural behaviour?
Laurens Lab
Electrophysiology and modeling of navigation and vestibular systems.
Schmidt Lab
Mapping of the entorhinal-hippocampal neuronal network using 3D electron microscopy
Vinck Lab
Neural coding: How does the brain use prediction and timing to encode information?