How does the brain process visual stimuli, how does it control attention, how does it process language? In order to answer all these questions - and many more - we are frequently looking for volunteers to support us as participants in our research projects. Most of the experiments take place at our premises in Frankfurt-Niederrad or in the immediate neighborhood of the institute, for example at the CoBIC (Cooperative Brain Imaging Center). The experiments we conduct at the ESI are very diverse: some involve MRI, MEG or EEG recordings or videos, others are purely behavioral or based on questionnaires, for example. Detailed information on the studies can be found in the respective study description. We pay an expense allowance for participation.

If you are interested in participating in our studies, please register by clicking on the corresponding registration link. During the registration process, you also have the opportunity to express your general interest in our studies and to be included in our subject pool so that we can invite you again for future studies. You will find detailed information on the subject pool in the registration process for the individual study and in our Privacy notice for study participants.

Would you like to support our research as a study participant? Our current studies are listed below (studies that require a specific language in their participation criteria are not translated):

Current studies

Poeppel Lab: Study on hearing

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Wir suchen Teilnehmende für eine Studie zur Sprachwahrnehmung im Poeppel Lab. Dabei hören Sie Sprachaufnahmen und wir messen Reaktionszeiten bei der Klassifikation von verschiedenen Sprachlauten. Der Termin dauert etwa 2 Stunden. Dafür bekommen Sie eine Aufwandsentschädigung von mindestens 28€ (7€ pro angefangene halbe Stunde).

  • 18-35 Jahre alt
  • Muttersprache: deutsch
  • rechtshändig
  • keine neurologische Erkrankung oder Verletzung bekannt
  • keine Hör- oder Sprachschwierigkeiten bekannt
  • Sie nehmen momentan keine Medikamente wegen einer neurologischen oder psychischen Erkrankung
Bei Interesse an der Studie folgen Sie bitte dem oben angegebenen Link zur Anmeldung. Bei weiteren Fragen kontaktieren Sie bitte die Studienleitung unter: hoerstudie (at)

Rademaker Lab: Visual perception and working memory

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In the Rademaker Lab we study how the interplay between sensation and cognition give rise to the rich experience that is human perception and how images briefly held in mind can be remembered in a robust & flexible way. We do this by using behavioral, eye-tracking, computational, and neuroimaging (fMRI and MEG/EEG) approaches.

Participation criteria:
  • 18-42 years old
  • neurologically healthy (i.e., are not currently taking any neurological or psychiatric medication)
  • not photosensitive to rapidly transitioning images
  • normal color vision
  • want to help us and science and earn a bit of money ;)
If you are interested in participating in studies in our lab, please fill our recruitment survey via the link above.